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NGC certifies the widest range of Exonumia and Americana.

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This list of materials that we officially authenticate, attribute and grade is periodically updated as we continue to expand the service. We offer certified grading for most of these materials using our regular and Oversize holders; however, a color photo certificate may be issued if your item is too large or too fragile to be encapsulated.

Tokens and medals may be submitted under any grading tier based on value and desired turnaround time. Also select the Tokens and Medals service, which does not have an additional fee. Variety attribution, where applicable, is included.

US Tokens and Medals

  • A.B. Sage Series Medals
  • Admiral Dewey Medals
  • ANA Convention Medals
  • Bimetallic Trade Tokens of the US, as listed in Schenkman
  • Bolen Medals, as listed in Neil Musante
  • Bryan Money, as listed in Schornstein
  • Calendar Medals
  • California Fractional Gold Pieces, Periods One and Two, along with several Period Three pieces, as listed in Breen-Gillio. For more information, click here.
  • Charbneau Dollars, as listed in Shevlin
  • Civil War Tokens
    • Civil War Store Card and Patriotic Tokens, as listed in Fuld
    • Civil War Sutler Tokens, as listed in Schenkman
    • Monitor & Merrimac Tokens and Medals, as listed in Schenkman
    • Bashlow restrikes of CSA 1c and 50c
  • Counterstamps, as listed in Brunk
  • Dog Tags, as listed in Maier and Stahl
  • Early American, Hard Times, Merchant and Trade Tokens as listed in Rulau
  • Elongated Tokens, as listed in Martin and Dow
  • Franklin Medals, as listed in Greenslet
  • Franklin Mint Official Inaugural Medals
  • Hard Rubber Tokens, as listed in Schenkman
  • Hawaiian Tokens and Medals, as listed in Medcalf & Russell
  • Inaugural Medals, as listed in Levine
  • Indian Nations Coinage
    • Shawnee Sovereign Nation
    • Poarch Creek Sovereign Nation
  • Joseph H. Merriam Medals, as listed in Schenkman
  • Lesher Dollars
  • Libertas American & Paris Restrikes
  • Lincoln Medals, as listed in King
  • Louisiana Purchase Expo, as listed in Hendershott
  • Masonic Chapter Pennies
  • Medallic Art Company Medals
  • Native American Peace Medals, as listed in Jamieson
  • Pan-American Expo, as listed in Lavin
  • Political Tokens and Medals
    • Campaign tokens and medals, as listed in DeWitt / Sullivan
  • Robbins Space Medals, as listed in Weinberger
  • So-Called Dollars, as listed in Hibler & Kappen (excluding HK-908 & HK-909)
  • So-Called Half Dollars, including but not limited to C. Smith issues and Heraldic Art Medals
  • State and City Centennial/Bicentennial/Sesquicentennial Medals
  • Stone Mountain Counterstamps
  • T. Elder Issue, as listed in Delorey
  • US Mint Medals
    • American Arts Commemorative Series and Wildlife Refuge
    • US Mint Medals listed in Julian & Keusch
    • US Mint Medals listed in Swoger and Dean
  • Washintonia, as listed in Baker
  • World’s Fair and Expositions
    • World’s Columbian Exposition Tokens and Medals, as listed in Eglit
    • 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair Tokens and Medals, as listed in Hendershott

World Tokens and Medals

  • Admiral Vernon Medals, as listed in Adams
  • Austria, as listed in Peltzer
  • British Tokens and Medals
    • 18th-century tokens, as listed in Dalton & Hamer, Bell and Atkins
    • 19th-century tokens, as listed in Bell, Davis and Withers
    • British medals, as listed in Medallic Illustration (Hawkins), British Historical Medals (Brown) and Eimer
  • Canadian Tokens as listed in Breton & Charlton
  • Canadian Fractional Gold Tokens, as listed in Greene & Locke
  • Chinese Medals, see important note below
  • Communion Tokens, as listed in Burzinski
  • Edward VIII Medals, as listed in Portraits of a Prince by Giordano
  • Europe, as listed in Eisler
  • France, as listed in Feuardent; Forrer; Gadoury 1991; Maier; and Page-Divo
  • Germany
    • Balloon, Zepplin & Aircraft Medals, as listed in Kaiser
    • Karl Goetz Medals, as listed in Kienast*
    • Other Medals and Tokens, as listed in Brettauer; Brockmann; Erlanger; Gaedechens; Goppel, Dr. Plum and Holler (GPH); Hauser; Merseburger; Montenuovo; Peltzer; Wurzbach-Tannenberg; Zeitz; and Zetzmann
  • Hungary, as listed in Huszar
  • India Medals, as listed in Puddester
  • Israel State Medals
  • Israel, as listed in Haffner
  • Latin American Tokens, as listed in Rulau
  • Latin American Proclamation Medals, as listed in Medina and Fonrobert
  • Mexican Medals, as listed in Grove
  • Mexican Tokens, as listed in Grove
  • Napoleonic Medals, as listed in Bramsen
  • Netherlands, as listed in Van Loon
  • Philippine Tokens and Medals, as listed in Honeycutt and Basso*
  • Reformation, as listed in Whiting and Goppel, Dr. Plum and Holler (GPH)
  • Russian Medals, as listed in Diakov
  • South African Medals, as listed in Hern
  • South African Tokens, as listed in Hern
  • Swiss Shooting Medals, as listed in the Martin & Richter (1612–1939) or Kappeli
  • Tokens, listed in Lecompte*
  • Vatican Medals, as listed in Rinaldi
  • World Transportation Tokens, as listed in Smith & Smith

*Not all types are eligible.

Important Note: Chinese Medals Certified by NGC

NGC will only grade and encapsulate modern Chinese medals that have been made at one of the four official Mints of China (Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenyang, and Shenzhen Guobao). While NGC maintains a large record of official Chinese medals, we cannot guarantee that we can attribute all medals sent to us.

In order for NGC to attribute and grade any official Chinese Medal (or Medallion), we request that any medal submitted to us have the appropriate verification documentation (or certificate of authenticity issued by the People’s Bank of China [China Mint Company]). Verification documentation should include the date of the medal (or year struck/issued), diameter and metal content, mint it was struck at, and the mintage. Failure to include this information could result in the medal being returned un-graded with a note signifying the coin to be Non Eligible.

Three examples of Chinese medals that are eligible for NGC certification (all of which where struck at the Shanghai Mint, China) are:

  • 1984 Hong Kong, China Expo – Panda Silver 1 Ounce, Proof, 1,000 Minted
  • 1989 Folk Gods Series: Maitreya Buddha Gold ¼ Ounce, Proof, 5,000 Minted
  • 1989 Zhao Gongming Silver 3.3 Ounces, Proof, 2,430 Minted

Check this listing periodically as new material types are added.

NGC reserves the right to attribute based on the most commonly used or available reference when an item is listed in more than one subject reference. You can request that a particular reference be used; however, it will be attributed to the reference normally used and that serves as the basis of the listing in the Census Report at the discretion of NGC.

We will make an effort to certify most US, European and Latin American tokens and medals not yet included in this list. However, if you have a token or medal that is not listed here, contact us to find out if your medal is eligible for NGC certification before you submit it.

Updated December 9, 2015

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